Princess Hand Sanitizer
Beauty of a Rose Hand Sanitizer

Beauty of a Rose Hand Sanitizer

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All of our hand sanitizers meet or exceed the CDC guidelines of a minimum of 60% alcohol. Additionally, Our in-house spray sanitizers use the World Health Organization (WHO) formulation.

Enjoy the scent of fresh rose as you curl up with your favorite book in the bath. 

Gel: now available in 1 oz. squeeze bottle.

Spray: 0.5 oz. pocket pen refillable spray bottle, 20 ml credit card sprayer, 2 oz. refillable spray bottle, 8 oz. and 16. oz. spray refill (please ensure you have a refillable spray bottle for use)

Note: Gel sanitizers are currently produced with plant-based ethanol rather than synthetic alcohol. As such it has an initial yeasty scent that evaporates after use.